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Generic HUB External Sound Card Two 3.5mm Interface Dual USB GM-280 Extended Audio Cable

  • 1. GM-280 external HUB sound card's biggest features: two 3.5mm interface, not only for For Apple headset, only one interface with a microphone 4Pin jack headphones, also meet the headset and microphone separate dual 3.5 interface headphones .
  • 2. The surface of the skin type is very comfortable to touch.
  • 3.1.2 m braided wire with ferrite magnetic ring: 1.2m extension wire is suitable for more scenes, magnetic ring can prevent high frequency signal interference to the line, high strength braided wire can effectively extend the service life of wire.
  • 4. LED light: It is convenient for plugging and unplugging operation of headphones or USB in low light environment.